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South Canterbury

Peel Forest

  • Waikonini Homestead Peel Forest
    300 Horsfall Road, Peel Forest
    Waikonini Homestead is a seven bedroom historic home, located five minutes from the village of Peel Forest on 10 acres of lush botanic gardens. The home was built in 1882 of timber and with a corrugated iron roof for a Mr William Barker. The architect was a Mr J.P. Pritchett of Darlington, UK. The T-shaped house has a verandah and a high, vaulted roofline. Welcome to Waikonini Homestead, nestled at the base of Mount Peel in the lush countryside of South Canterbury, New Zealand. Waikonini is a stately Victorian country home listed on the New Zealand heritage register. The home is cherished and has been painstaking restored by its current owner, who is motivated to share this fine 7 bedroom home on extensive gardens with local people and/or visitors from all parts of the world. William Barker was one of Peel Forest's well known residents. He was an orchardist / bee-keeper and his fruits were reputed across the south island of NZ. Mr Barker founded the Mount Peel Floral and Horticultural Society. The gardens of Waikonini are majestic and hold the original charm that was bestowed by William Barker. Atlantis Pine, Tamanian Blackwood, Oak and other varieties of Himalayan Lillies, Rhodedendron are mixed with Primroses, Violets and Strawberries. Even the original Pear and Apple trees are fruit-bearing, today. Mary Casey, the current owner; has recently had Waikonini painted inside and out. She has also honoured Pritchett's original plans, having a conservatory constructed and completed in 2014, in position, beside the kitchen.
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